Mindful approach 

Our core values are to be mindful with our approach to business; from our people to suppliers to clients we aim to be ethical in every step we take. In every decision, we take time to reflect on our potential impact and always strive to make the right choices.

Food Supply

As a regionally based company, we have cafes based across the UK, therefore it is important for us decentralize our supply chain and work in partnership with local suppliers. Our essentials; fruit, vegetables, and dairy items are all sourced from local suppliers. This way we can provide the best quality at a fair price whilst also reducing our carbon footprint.

Food deliveries

Our catering operations are busy hubs that require a constant supply of food and drink, however, our team is aware of the impacts every delivery truck has. Therefore our teams consciously review their purchasing every day to limit the number of deliveries we take, enabling us to limit the transport of stock.


We strive to reduce our plastic consumption throughout 2021 through smart disposable choices. Currently, all our disposables are recyclable however we also aim to reduce plastic as a whole! We also actively encourage our customers to reduce their disposable footprint through reusable coffee cups and discounts.

Food Waste

Food waste is an important topic within the hospitality sector and an area which catering providers can easily control. Two Hands report their waste every week and each team is striving to reduce waste to 5% or below by the end of 2021. Our cafĂ© also promotes excellent waste initiatives such as recycling used coffee grounds or recipes that reduce waste, when educating our customers we will be able to work as a collective to make a change. 

We need to reduce waste and also let our customers benefit financially, for example, every Friday you can visit us near closing time and receive 50% off.

Charity Partnership

Tackling food waste is a core value within our business, we are thrilled to be partnered with Fare Share. Fare Share is our charity partner, their work is focused on redistributing food waste within the supply chain and delivering it to people in need. Our teams are actively involved in their food waste initiatives and will be actively raising money throughout the coming years. 

Our teams

We are committed to giving back to our employees, we strive to create a working environment that is both engaging whilst enables them to grow within their career. Our teams have access to many company initiatives from cycle to work schemes to charity communities days.

Our goal is to engage with our teams in all decision-making. 

In 2021, this has resulted in our overall happiness scores being 95%. Our inclusive approach to business has led to innovation across the board from sustainable initiatives to employee benefits which are being driven by our on-site teams.